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Monday, March 25, 2013

What are you going to do?

Its been awhile since I have even looked at this blog. Why? Life! I have been preparing for Spring, homeschooling the kiddos, painting the inside of the house, cleaning, helping build the hoophouse, taking care of sick kids, finding a church, going to co-op.....we all have lists like this. Some include more, some less, but we all have things that we need to do. And if we even begin to think of adding "more" to our to-do list we cringe. Stop with me for a minute and think about what it is you really do in a day. I know I waste a lot of time. There are days, being honest, that I really only do the basics. This is the real me, laying it all out. Days that the kids are fed, schooled & clothed and the rest of the day is wasted. Of course this is not frequently but it does happen. And if you are being honest with yourself, you have those days too.
This is life in my home.
What about outside of my home? What about doing things for His Kingdom? Can we be honest with ourselves and really consider what we are doing to make His glory known.
 What are we doing to advance the Kingdom of God. 
I am pretty sure that when we really look at out lives....we are wasting time in this area as well. Notice I used the word "we"!
 I am; in no way doing everything I can.
Recently my husband Eric showed me some numbers. They were the attendance numbers for some churches in a specific denomination. The numbers were amazing. Huge numbers and many of them were from multiple churches in the same state. That is a ton of "Christians" and that is 1 denomination. I cant even begin to imagine what this world would look like if we as Christians were doing ALL we could to make sure everyone is reached with the Gospel & ministered to in the manner in which we are called to. I am not including scriptures in this post. There is an entire Bible, feel free to look some up. We all know they are there. He, God tells us everything we need to know in the scriptures. He tells us what we can do, how to live our lives, what is acceptable for us.
I put up a new button on the side of this blog... AMAZIMA. Its a wonderful story of a young girl, who at 18 decided to do all she could. I look at her; not putting her on a pedestal, but as an example, realizing that how much she has done in the last few years is so huge. If she can do what she is doing in an entirely different country...what can I do here. What can we do?