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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Well our school year is almost up. It is getting harder to stay focused when the weather is starting to warm up. The little two would live outside if I would let them. Of course they come in absolutely filthy every night. No big deal that's why we have bathtubs!

We have been pretty busy here, not just with school but with life. I am planning on making a video to show everyone what has been happening here. So hopefully that will be soon.
We all helped build the hoop-house. That was fun! My boys have been working hard building the fence around the garden. With hubby's help they are using found tree limbs in the woods as posts. We did buy the actual fencing material but it has been a great experience. We have been working the land & my boys are getting really good at digging. The boys have such a great example to follow. God has blessed our family with our hard working man to lead our family. Mr Evan, age 7; stays right by his daddy's side working his little booty off!  Ethan 14, is really turning into a wonderful young man. He is full of grand ideas & big plans. We pray that God uses him in a mighty way!

The girls have been a huge help with getting all the plants started. We have also learned how to pay closer attention to weather patterns & temperatures! Never thought I would have to do that.

My oldest daughter Ellyssa is 12. She loves to help me in the kitchen & is obsessed with baking. she even took on the task of baking & decorating her little sister Eleah's birthday cake.

Ellyssa & I also figured out how to make homemade whipped cream...we are never going back to store bought! Ellyssa is really starting to bloom in the area of homemaker. It is such a blessing to see how the Lord is opening her eyes & heart to the blessings of it all. And Miss Eleah is following right behind. She blessed me the other day by telling me "momma, I love my life"! She is very sure to let everyone know that she is going to be a mommy someday & have a big garden, & she will take care of her family because that is what a mommy does!

I have started on a journey with the help of Trim Healthy Moma. A great book that explains how to eat right, get fit & be a healthy moma. I am a week in and am down 5 lbs so far. I will be writing a post on the book next. So stay tuned!

Well I pray all is well for you & your family. And that you will have a wonderful day!

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