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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I was blessed with an opportunity to read this e-book and offer my thoughts on it!
First let me tell you....I did not put it down till I was finished with it. I sat on the couch next to my hubby and while he was watching football & the kids were playing I READ THE WHOLE THING! It is a wonderful book. However; fair warning.....IT CAN GET YOU WHERE IT HURTS! I read about things that I know the Lord has been dealing with my heart about changing and Darlene confirmed them. She has an ability to show you what God desires of us as Women, Mothers & Wives, in a manner that is absolute but loving. She does not use kid gloves which I appreciate. She uses great scriptures to support her beliefs. I feel this is a great read for ALL WOMEN, no matter if you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom.
This e-book is also filled with great tips & ideas. She has even included her cleaning schedule that I have been using to maintain my home! Just wait till you read about "25 things"....I so have to do it!
There is so much packed into this book that I cant begin to tell you about it all. Your going to have to get it for yourself!

Here is Darlene's explanation as to why she wrote this book:
I’ve decided to resurrect the “Good Wife’s Guide,”
in my own words, and according to the role that I
hope to fulfill in my life. It is no longer a satirical
piece written to mock the role of a help-meet, but
rather a guide that leads women toward a noble
character and good family values. 
t’s time that we took a stand for family values that serve to grow
and protect the family unit as God designed it to be.

As you can see this falls in line with what I feel is important in life. I want to be a women of noble character and with God's help I want to raise my family with good and Godly values. If you have the desire for the same click on the link to get your own copy of this great e-book! It will be an encouragement and guide! http://time-warp-wife.blogspot.com/2010/11/good-wifes-guide.html
God Bless  

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  1. That is such a beautiful review. Thank you!! I'll share this on my Good Wife's Guide facebook page today. Thank you!